Groomed staff takes the helm at Il Pizzaiolo Market Square

Apr 08, 2015 1293

Since Il Pizzaiolo opened a second location in Downtown’s Market Square in 2013, it has drawn throngs of diners looking for the same high-quality Italian ingredients and dishes that has made its flagship location in Mt. Lebanon so popular. But you’ll no longer find the restaurant’s founder and chef, Ron Molinaro, at the Downtown spot.

Instead, he’s back running the kitchen at Mt. Lebanon’s Il Pizzaiolo, where he is the sole owner. He’s likely the first person you’ll see when you walk through the door — dressed in a chef coat and checked pants in front of the Forno Napoletano oven, pizza peel in hand. In Market Square, former CEO of Douglas laboratories, L. Douglas Lioon oversees the six-person partnership, which still includes Mr. Molinaro as a shareholder.

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