Venti Food Truck: A Traditional Taste of Italy on Wheels in Jersey City

Aug 27, 2020 256

BY: Nicole Gittleman

In the last 200 years, millions of people immigrated to the United States from Italy, the majority of which came from Southern Italy. With Ellis Island nestled between the beautiful state of New Jersey and New York, it’s no surprise that many Italian immigrants chose to dig their roots in cities nearby the Hudson River.

Given this history, it’s also no surprise that northern New Jersey has become quite a hub for high-quality, authentic Italian food. Thankfully, Jersey City has Venti Italian Specialties to keep the spirit of Italy and its culinary traditions alive and on-the-go. While there are plenty of delicious Italian restaurants in the area, Venti Italian Specialities is an Italian deli food truck and catering business that is committed to preserving the Italian-American deli tradition.

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