Vita Bella restaurant opens in Oaks Shopping Center

Mar 26, 2015 548

If you've been planning an eating trip to Italy, you may want to reconsider your intentions after visiting Vita Bella Pizzeria & Restaurant, where the proprietors are thoughtfully bringing Italy to you. The family-owned and operated eatery tucked away in Oaks Shopping Center brings a much-needed dose of authentic Old World charm and warmly inviting mom-and-pop-style brio to the shiny new strip mall on Egypt Road.

Vita Bella – the name means "beautiful life" in Italian — is a virtual replica of an establishment by the same name in the Palermo region of Italy owned by seasoned restaurateur Alessandro Lascaro, who co-owns the Oaks Vita Bella with cousin Damiano Parlanti and Parlanti's brother-in-law Giulio Mannino.

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