Al’s Italian Beef Celebrating 80th Anniversary With 80 Cent Sandwiches

Oct 17, 2018 725

A longtime Chicago eatery is being celebrated by the city and its fans for being a “cherished institution” known for its dipped (and dry) beef sandwiches. Al’s Italian Beef opened as a small neighborhood beef stand in the city’s Little Italy neighborhood in 1938 and the sandwich itself was said to be the idea of Al Ferrari and Chris Pacelli, Sr.

This week, Al’s Italian Beef will be honored with an 80th anniversary resolution by Chicago’s City Council with celebrations set for later this week. On Wednesday October 17, there will be a private event with friends, family and longtime fans of the Chicago-famous beef sandwich. In the works is an Italian Beef Museum to showcase the history of Al’s that’ll include photographs, interviews and best wishes from fans in Chicago and around the world.

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