Passione e Fantasia in the Windy City

Nov 15, 2015 776

Passione e fantasia! Sounds like a Felini movie. But when pizza entrepreneur and dough magician Gino Rago, owner of Panino's and Via Pizzeria 1-2-3 in Chicago, pronounces the words in his native tongue, it's clear he's melodically accenting a committed way of life. I met Gino and his lovely wife, Tina, for the first time last week and I'm not exaggerating or blowing smoke up my new paisan's posterior when I say I was inspired by the interaction.

I've got an in-depth cover story for PMQ Pizza Magazine in the works on Gino, so I'll paint the macro view of this quintessential pizza quality advocate. What's the source of his inspiration—that he passes on so generously to everyone he meets? Maybe you guessed—he's Italian.

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