Sfera Sicilian Street Food ghosts its virtual kitchen

Apr 22, 2022 199

BY: Mike Sula

In the Before Times, Daniela Vitale and Steven Jarczyk made a name for themselves selling cheesy, gooey, deep-fried rice balls at farmers’ markets. Like many nimble food businesses, their Sfera Sicilian Street Food pivoted during the pandemic, jarring sauces and delivering their arancini chilled and ready to reheat at home.

In October 2020, things took another turn when they moved into Avondale’s ghost kitchen and introduced an even more obscure Sicilian snack: scaccia, aka lasagna bread. Native to the southern town of Ragusa, it’s a thinly rolled pizza, folded upon itself in multiples, the pasta-like interior layers sheltering strata of marinara and mozzarella, mined with sausage, mushrooms, or roasted vegetables.

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SOURCE: https://chicagoreader.com

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