Solo Italiano celebrates all things Italian and brings a famous face to Rockford

Jul 23, 2019 237

Rockford’s Italian community invited a famous face to Rockford to celebrate their heritage. Solo Italiano is a one day fest put on by Franchesco’s Ristorante celebrating all things Italian. The fest had everything from Italian foods, to cars, to wines and beers. Proceeds from the fest went to help a local Italian family who have been battling a cancer diagnosis.

Once actor Gianni Russo, famous for his role as Carlo in the critically acclaimed Godfather movie, heard how much family meant to Rockford’s Italian community the invite to Solo Italiano was an offer he couldn’t refuse. “Have fun. It’s about having fun and being with hte family. There’s so many events nobody includes kids or whatever this is one thing, Italian fest is every generation. They’re all welcome, they all can eat the same food. Maybe not drink so much wine but it’s OK”, Gianni Russo said.

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