Vito's Espresso opens doors for coffee shop, lunch spot in Jackson

Dec 27, 2017 873

BY: Taylor DesOrmeau

There are two types of beer drinkers: Those who opt for artisanal craft beers and those who pick Bud Light. It turns out coffee drinking isn't much different. Jackson's newest coffee shop is Vito's Espresso, 2615 Wildwood Ave., which opened its third-wave coffee shop on Dec. 1. Owner Vic Schiro likens third-wave coffee to draft beer - where consumers care where the ingredients come from and how the coffee produced.

When deciding where to open the shop, Schiro and his wife considered Cheyenne, Wyo.; Champaign, Ill. and Jackson. "Cheyenne and Champaign both had too much competition," Schiro said. "They knew what third-wave coffee was and they were drinking it and it was good. Jackson didn't have any competition."

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