Authentic Italian to Circle Boulevard, Borriello/CMB soon to Manitou

May 12, 2015 848

By Matthew Schniper

"So you would call yourself a 'product enthusiast?'" I ask. "Most Egg heads are," replies Molly Hamlin, elaborating on how she's attended the Big Green Egg company's EGGfests and even volunteered on her own time and food-dime to demo the ceramic cooker at local events.

"You can do anything on them," she says. "Ribs, eggs, grilled cheese ... I did 68 pounds of pork butt once." Some people love their grills, and some other people really, really love their grills. Hamlin, so much so, that she's named her business in tribute to her BGE: Carbonella Creations (390 N. Circle Drive, 213-1097).

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