Bar Dough Makes Brunch a New Italian Tradition

Feb 23, 2019 583

BY: Bridget Wood

Bar Dough needs to be your go-to restaurant for Italian brunch in Denver, whether you’re looking for breakfast pizza, pasta or one of executive chef Carrie Baird's signature fancy toasts. Baird helped put Denver on the culinary map as one of the stars of season fifteen of Top Chef, but Bar Dough's brunch is proof enough of the chef's winning ways.

I tried the Sunday Morning pizza because I’m always looking for ways to incorporate pizza into my breakfast (beyond cold leftovers, that is). The pizza comes piled with scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, fennel sausage and cheese. It's a white pie, so there's no tomato sauce, and the crust is a cross between New York-style and Neapolitan, so it's thin but not too floppy, and the edges are slightly chewy. The pies are cooked in a wood-fired oven and sport the perfect amount of char.

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