At Caffetteria in Prairie Village, Jo Marie Scaglia looks to recreate community feel of Sunday dinners growing up

Mar 16, 2018 725


When Jo Marie Scaglia was growing up in Kansas City, her mom would cook up a veritable feast every Sunday at 3 p.m., setting out dishes of delicious, straightforward food for the taking. “Everyone was invited — family, friends, neighbors, whoever,” Scaglia recalls. “Even after I moved out my friends would still be showing up at the house Sunday afternoons.”

After leaving home, Scaglia went on to follow in her forebears’ footsteps to become a restaurateur, launching the first of her popular The Mixx restaurants in 2005. But as that concept, which focuses on salads, grew, an idea for a different kind of restaurant started percolating — one that would recapture the spirit of conviviality that marked those Sunday dinners growing up.

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