Everyday Italian: The new Foreign Legion is downtown's inexpensive, hidden gem

Dec 02, 2015 484

by Mecca Bos

Minneapolis is currently as flush with Italian as the prom queen is with suitors. And we love so many of them it is hard to choose: Il Foro for the architecture and chef Joe Rolle's playful way with high-end Italian American creations; Parella for its keen eye toward true regional cooking, the way it's really done in Italy; Bar La Grassa for its stranglehold on a million pastas done a million ways and done properly a million times.

But what downtown has been missing is the sort of Italian place that just gives the people what they want, nice and easy, no big challenges, no need to employ the iPhone to find out what guanciale or Robiola or passatina or sapori are. 

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Source: http://www.citypages.com/

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