First Look at Bocatto: Eatery and Pasta

Jul 31, 2022 176

BY: Eddy

A new Italian restaurant has taken over the former Mimi’s Old Town Mexican Restaurant space at 321 N. Mead. Introducing Bocatto: Eatery and Pasta. They recently opened and of course, we had to stop by and check out the new eatery in Old Town. The menu featured pastas, paninis and a ton more. Many Italian classics and pretty much any popular Italian dish could be had.

We started our visit off with the scampi shrimp toast. The shrimp and sauce it was doused in were excellent; nice sweet flavor to them. The toast, unfortunately, was way too hard. Biting into it was a chore, and felt as if it was nearly rock solid. This was some feedback we did provide them.

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