Italian Festival cocktails to try while you mangia

Oct 06, 2015 948

by Loryn Elizares

Food may reign supreme as the foremost reason people flock to the Eldorado Great Italian Festival, but that all-you-can-eat pasta and garlic bread can work up a thirst. Four festival booths and some special events will keep you refreshed and ready to eat, grape stomp and shop your way through the festival, running Oct. 10-11.

Italy's best-selling beer, Peroni, will be featured at Booth 1. Since 1846, Peroni has been the No. 1 beer in Italy, and will be sold alongside Coors Light and limoncello at the booth. Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur made by seeping Sorrento lemons in a rectified spirit, then mixing with syrup.

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