Lucca’s: Succulent Italian fare on Helena’s Last Chance Gulch

Oct 29, 2021 207

My go-to entree at Lucca’s, located on Helena’s downtown walking mall, is always the veal scallopini. I intend to try other dishes, but I always fall back on the veal when push comes to shove. It’s scrumptious and more than filling! When you have the same executive chef at Lucca’s for 14 years, that being Mike Hyyppa, you can expect consistency in the quality and taste of an entree you’ve come to love.

Mike is part of a long-standing trio responsible for making Lucca’s one of Helena’s premier fine-dining establishments. Fred Stout, a retired captain with the Helena Fire Department, founded the restaurant 15 years ago. Rounding out the team is Ray Spooner, maître d', who not only greets and seats patrons but starts the evening off by eloquently describing the featured wines.

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