Luccie's brings traditional faves and cutting edge Italian to Dakota Dunes eatery

Mar 28, 2022 1057

BY: Earl Horlyk

Trattoria Fresco owner Israel Padilla wanted to expand his business to Dakota Dunes with a very novel concept. Why couldn't one space be home to two entirely different eateries? In January 2000, Padilla purchased Graham's Grill & Pub, a traditional featuring burgers, sandwiches and predominantly American cuisine, at 201 Tower Road.

Yet the veteran chef is best known for the upscale Italian meals he makes at Trattoria Fresco, 511 Fourth St. So, that's how Padilla conceived of opening a "two-in-one" restaurant, complete with separate dining rooms. "Graham's has built a solid and loyal customer base over the years," he explained. "I wanted to keep them on board."

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