Ruffrano’s Hell’s Kitchen Pizza has new location near post

Mar 08, 2020 733

When several New York style pizza places closed around town, some pizza fans have been wishing for New York pizza. There’s a new place to try pizza reminiscent of New York City — Ruffrano’s Hell’s Kitchen Pizza in Security. Not only does the restaurant serve pizza made from recipes obtained from Hell’s Kitchen Pizza, a restaurant in New York City, but the Security restaurant has the ambiance and feel of a New York restaurant.

Nelson Rufran, of Colorado Springs, dreamed of starting a pizza place. While visiting New York City his father introduced him to the owner of Hell’s Kitchen Pizza, who told Rufran to let him know if he ever started his own pizza place. When Rufran found the building in Manitou Springs where he would fulfill his dream, he went to New York City to Hell’s Kitchen Pizza, to get the recipes and learn how to make New York pizza.

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