Come Together at Presto Craft Kitchen

Oct 19, 2019 260

BY: Nicole Cotton

The term “comfort food” means different things to different people. But if you’re the type who believes feeding the soul along with the body is best accomplished with deep bowls of carb goodness covered in savory sauces (and maybe some cheese), then Presto Craft Kitchen on Manchester’s West Side is your new go-to spot. Not only is the food delicious, it’s made, as the cliché goes, with love.

“Family and food gave always been important aspects in my life,” says chef Joseph A. Grella, and you can tell he means it as soon as you step up to the pasta-decorated counter. As Grella works away in the open kitchen, making from-scratch Italian-American classics, family members are often busy helping out – on any given day, for instance, you might meet his proud grandmother as she rings up your order.

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