F355 Prime Italiano Brings Italian Flavor and Flair to Peabody

Aug 04, 2022 112

Growing up in Watertown, Frank Martino spent Sundays in the kitchen with his father. They’d chop onions, crush canned tomatoes, and sear meat. Martino climbed onto a stool so he could reach to stir the simmering sauce. He learned to roll meatballs, shape gnocchi, and make ravioli. “I got really good at it at home. I was the official taste-tester,” Martino says. “That’s where my passion was.”

Decades later Martino’s passion remains, but the kitchens have gotten a little bigger. Today, he presides over a collection of Italian-themed eateries within the Mills 58 complex in Peabody. Frankie Slice sells acclaimed pizza, Frankie Beef puts a gourmet spin on classic North Shore roast beef, and Sweet Street Gelato churns up housemade frozen treats.

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SOURCE: https://www.nshoremag.com/

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