The Historic Restaurant In New Hampshire Where You Can Still Experience The Italian Old Country

Mar 19, 2023 86

There’s nothing better than home-cooked food, and there’s probably no country in the world that better exemplifies this than Italy. Families and communities have gathered around fine cooking for ages. Plus, the tastes are so exquisite! Traveling to Italy itself may be out of the budget for some, but fortunately, you can visit the tastes of Italy right here in Exeter.

Cornicello creates Italian dishes made with local ingredients from northern New England. Inspiration comes from the various regions of Italy, then items are made unique with a slight twist. Chef/Owner Tim O'Brien's familial connections to Italy go back generations to the mountainous regions of the country, which still hold on tightly to their gastronomic traditions. Guests are welcome to grab a seat at the bar or relax at a table overlooking the Squamscott River. 

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