In the North End, a cozy new spot caters to locals

Aug 24, 2015 586

By Sheryl Julian 

It's hard to cozy up to any North End restaurant. It seems like the area is so different than it used to be, crowded with tourists and shops, like Pinkberry, that are distinctly not Italian. You half except Goofy or Mickey to pop out of one of them. On a Saturday night, maneuvering the sidewalks takes effort. Long lines form around the block to get into Giacomo's Restaurant, Pomodoro, Daily Catch, Modern Pastry, and Mike's Pastry.

And then you get to Rina's Pizzeria & Cafe, a 10-seat spot (a counter and tall tables) with food displayed in the window, and bubbling pies coming out of a large red gas oven. Opened in June, the space has four TVs, showing "La Dolce Vita," "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Some Like It Hot," and "Ocean's Eleven." Everyone is friendly. At the helm is Luigi DeMarco, who is making pizza and notices everyone coming in. He owned the former Caffe Graffiti in the North End and lives here. "I walk to work 120 yards," he says. Many of the diners call him by name.

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