Phantom Gourmet: Corfinio In Easton

Mar 09, 2019 155

Pasta made by hand, pizza from a wood-fired oven, and a passion for authentic Italian cuisine on every plate. That’s what’s on the menu at Corfinio. Located in Easton, Corfinio is simply one of the best Italian restaurants south of Boston thanks in large part to not one, but two great chefs.

Maximillian Calise is the Chef de Cuisine, “I come from a big Italian family and I spent my entire life in restaurants and around food,” he said. Nicola Battistacci is the Executive Chef. “Food for me is everything. I grew up with this, in Italy you know, we have a big passion of food.” Together, this Italian-born chef and his American-born counterpart make for a dynamically delicious duo.

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