Phantom Gourmet: Sulmona In Cambridge

Oct 29, 2018 542

Few people have a passion for Italian food like Delio Susi. At his restaurant Sulmona, that passion is on full display. Opened about a year ago in Kendall Square Cambridge, Sulmona, is named after the medieval town in Northern Italy that Delio’s family is from. According to his wife, Rebecca, everything at this version of Sulmona pays homage to those roots and recipes.

“What we’ve done is we’ve recreated the town of Sulmona and the feeling that you get there when you come in,” she said. With about 130 seats, the space is big and beautiful. There’s a semi-open kitchen, a long marble bar, and plenty of design elements meant to transport you straight to Sulmona. “The back bar behind me is a model of the aqueducts that are actually in the piazza of Sulmona. We tried to replicate the arches,” said Delio.

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