Winning Italian fare at Nonne Pizza & Cucina in Chatham

Jun 01, 2021 168

BY: Susie Davidson Powell

As if Chatham couldn’t get any leafier or prettier in its upstate appeal, it has Nonne Pizza & Cucina as a lovely addition in town. Stroll Main Street on some warm evening, peering in storefronts after a beer at The People’s Pub or Chatham Brewing, and you’ll come across bistro tables on the wide forecourt of a former gallery with strung garden lights illuminating the scene.

In fact, Nonne cuts a decidedly European feel amplified in part by the town’s awninged shops and a set of train tracks that deliver a bells-and-whistles show when CSX and Amtrak power on through. Truth is, Chatham holds a dignified appeal. We’re the youngest among well-dressed guests in large, dark sunglasses who note our arrival at Nonne with mild interest before returning to chilled glasses and tables crowded with food. 

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