10 delicious stops to make on the Bronx's Arthur Avenue

Jun 23, 2017 1188

BY: Kae Lani Kennedy

Food in the Bronx is reflective of the characteristics that make this borough unique: it’s got one foot rooted in “the old country” and one foot in the new, bridging the gap with a passion for tradition. Many cultures are represented throughout the Bronx, but Arthur Avenue continues to be predominantly Italian American just as it was during the early 20th century when the streets were lined with vendors selling their goods from wooden carts. 

Many of the storefronts lining Arthur Avenue are the same as they were when they first opened. And though many of the original owners are no longer operating their stores, their businesses, recipes and traditional methods have been passed down to either family members or hand-picked individuals they’ve entrusted to carry on their legacies.  

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SOURCE: http://www.10best.com

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