From the Ashes of Del Posto, Al Coro Aims to be NYC’s Marquee Italian Restaurant

Jun 22, 2022 147

BY: Luke Fortney

AccordingAccording to the New Age philosophy known as Human Design — a Gwyneth Paltrow-endorsed remix of the Myers-Briggs test that pulls from astrology, chakras, and the I Ching — Jeff Katz is a manifestor. What does that mean exactly? “I’m not an expert,” the acclaimed restaurateur behind Crown Shy and Saga admits, but his wife has been telling him as much for years, and a professional “reading” last year confirmed her suspicions.

If Goop is to be trusted, his foresight is top-notch. Katz talks around manifestors, reiki healing, energy work, and the reason he burned that sage last year from the dining room at Al Coro, an upscale Italian restaurant he and chef Melissa Rodriguez have been dreaming up for the last decade — mostly while working in the dining room and kitchen that came before it. It opens on June 22.

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