Cremini’s: The little Brooklyn restaurant that could

Oct 23, 2023 947

If Cremini’s Aperitivo & Kitchen were an American folktale, it would be called “The Little Restaurant That Could.” Opened by newlyweds from Le Marche, first-time restaurateurs and newbies to New York, on the dawn of the pandemic, they have managed to thrive through creativity, hustle and passion.

Perhaps even more impressive is that the couple, devoid of any staff, has remained happily married. Not only are Elena Salati and Riccardo Massetti still in love with each other, they have fallen in love with Brooklyn. The feeling is mutual with regard to the latter love affair as Cremini’s has become a neighborhood staple, as well as a destination, on the outer reaches of Court Street where the BQE separates Carroll Gardens from Red Hook.

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