Di Fara vs. Roberta’s: Now you try NYC’s best pizza in one place

Sep 04, 2021 232

BY: Steve Cuozzo

Get the best of Brooklyn — in Manhattan. For a brief time, you can now sit and enjoy (and compare) two of Brooklyn’s most iconic pizzas hot from the oven, without leaving the island. Di Fara and Roberta’s both operate “ghost kitchens” — off-site satellite setups that restaurants use to prepare takeout and delivery— at Nimbus, the unique new shared kitchen-and-community space at 196 Stanton St. on the Lower East Side.

To get both pizza brands at the same time takes a bit of keyboard work. You have to order pickup from each place ($16-$21 for a round or square six-slice pie) by using their respective Web sites. Then, pick them up and chow down in Nimbus’ spare 18-seat public eating area, possibly the only one at any of the city’s ghost kitchens. But you’ll need to act fast: Roberta’s last day at Nimbus is Sept. 7. 

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SOURCE: https://nypost.com

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