"Fiasco" Opens on Arthur Avenue

Apr 14, 2017 1626

BY: Evan O'Hara

Despite the sophisticated experience that comes with classically Italian restaurants like Enzo’s and Zero Otto Nove, my parents only visit so many times a semester. To compensate, I typically wind up with Italian-American comfort food from Michaelangelo’s. Usually, I’ll down too many glasses of wine and order lobster ravioli in vodka sauce. However, for a four-year Bronx native like myself, the Michaelangelo’s experience has become comparable to that of the caf: I walk in and know exactly what I’m getting and exactly how my food is going to look and taste when it arrives. Consistency can be nice, but sometimes I want a little flair.

Once upon a time, my friends and I would feel like Tom and Donna on Parks and Rec and have a treat yo'self day. To get a fine dining experience without breaking the bank, we’d hit up John’s Pizzeria. Despite the notorious wait for food, my friends and I really appreciated the BYOB/no cork fee aspect. It wasn't until John's tragically burned down (RIP) that we realized how much we’d taken it for granted.

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SOURCE: https://fordham.therival.news

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