A food tour of Arthur Avenue, the Bronx’s Little Italy

May 08, 2017 1422

Little Italy in Lower Manhattan has long been associated with pizza parlors and gelato bars. But with gentrification, the neighborhood has shrunk and many residents have relocated to other boroughs and suburbs. One of the most noteworthy is the Bronx’s Arthur Avenue, where another, more authentic Little Italy proves harder to get to for tourists but infinitely more rewarding to visit.

It feels like home. Christian Galliani is a first-generation American who was raised by Italian parents (his father’s family is from Milan; his mother’s from Piacenza) in the northern Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights. The neighborhood didn’t have much of an Italian-American community, and Galliani didn’t really feel like he fit in — until his family would head up to Arthur Avenue on weekends to stock up on cheese, wine, sausages and other tastes of home.

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SOURCE: http://gantdaily.com

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