At Giancarlo's Sicilian Steakhouse, a first-class brigade holds the fort

Aug 27, 2022 336

BY: Andrew Galarneau

For the last few months, I’ve been wondering if the era of squadron service in glitzy surroundings had gone the way of the buggy whip. Watching the crack team at Giancarlo’s Sicilian Steakhouse perform their ballet des tables smoothly while delivering plates of well-crafted cuisine convinced me that I feared too soon.

Anthony Ragusa and sister Gabriela have been running a restaurant in a Williamsville plaza since 2011. At my first visit in 2012, I enjoyed my steak as best I could, perched on a chair at one of three high-top tables. That restaurant was the glimmering of an idea, wedged between two other concepts, a sports bar and a coffee counter.

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