IAP 120: “Christmastime on Arthur Avenue" ”Pasta and Passion with Danielle Oteri

Dec 10, 2019 291

BY: John Viola

Why is Arthur Avenue, the Little Italy in the Bronx, NY, so unique amongst America’s Italian enclaves? After a day of filming the newest episode of Greetings From Italian America, Rossella, Pat, and John sit down for a plate of fresh-made pasta with Danielle Oteri, the co-founder of ‘Feast on History’ and the ‘Arthur Avenue Food Tours’ to discuss just what makes this neighborhood so unique.

They’ll discuss how a call from a British department store inspired this proud daughter of the Bronx neighborhood to begin her now-booming tour company, and whether the Italian sense of competition is a limitation of a bygone era or the fuel behind this neighborhood’s resilience. They’ll find out why Arthur Avenue is so special at Christmastime, and share some recommendations on where to visit, but, no Italian American Podcast would be complete without a tangent or two into Italian American minutia!

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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