The Last Butcher Shop in Little Italy Turns 100

Sep 19, 2023 222

Even on a hot day in July, everyone wants to see the butcher in Little Italy. In this case, it’s Jennifer Prezioso, the fourth-generation butcher and sole owner and worker of Albanese Meats & Poultry, who’s maintaining the family legacy that over the summer turned 100 years old.

Step inside the store, and you’ll find a display case of bone-in rib-eye, whole chickens, and Italian sausages. Dangling from the windows and suspended poles, there are boxes of dried pasta and fake sausages by Yuki & Daughters, and a wall dotted with postcards, old photographs, and painted portraits. On my first visit, I was overwhelmed by the dizzying number of trinkets, enough to fit in their own museum, so I decided to sit and listen.

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