Legendary Cannoli Maker Opening First Hudson Valley Bakery Cafe

Mar 15, 2019 176

An acclaimed Hudson Valley Italian cannoli maker is finally opening up their own bakery and cafe. You have probably already enjoyed some of Mamma Musetti's fresh baked Italian pastries without even knowing it. The legendary bakery run by Rosaria and Andre Musetti has been turning out some of the most delicious desserts in the Hudson Valley for years and selling them to local restaurants.

That delicious cannoli on your favorite restaurant's dessert menu most likely came from Mamma Musetti's. So, it comes as no surprise that there's lots of excitement around the launch of their first bakery and cafe. I had the pleasure of tasting a sampling of Mamma Musetti's cannolis this past year and, as someone who was never a big cannoli fan before, I was instantly hooked. These are just like the pastries I used to enjoy from the little Italian neighborhoods I grew up near as a kid in New Jersey.

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SOURCE: https://wpdh.com

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