Looking back on Lombardo's, closing after almost a century

Dec 18, 2018 693

BY: Steve Barnes

The interior looks ready to host a restaurant scene from a movie set in the 1930s or ’40s. Small white tiles line the floor of the dining room, a decorative trim in black tracing the edges. Tin ceilings are overhead, wooden booths along the sides. On the walls of Lombardo's Restaurant are scenes, painted in 1933 by an artist who is said to have traded murals for meals, that evoke a world of gentle waterfalls and rose-covered garden walls and young lovers drinking Chianti. 

They were commissioned the year Prohibition was repealed by owner Charles N. Lombardo Sr. That was when the restaurant, founded in 1919, expanded and acquired the present barroom next door. Outside, the tall neon sign, with Lombardo's spelled vertically, also says "Grill" and "Restaurant" and, inside a curving arrow, "Parking in rear."

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SOURCE: https://www.timesunion.com/

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