PARMACOTTO, Gourmet Cold Cut & Meat Brand 100% Made in Italy, Presenting at the 65th Annual Summer 2019 Fancy Food Show

Jun 17, 2019 223

Parmacotto, the gourmet cold cut and meat brand, 100% made in Italy, will be presenting at the 65th Annual Summer 2019 Fancy Food Show Sunday, June 23rd - Tuesday, June 25th. Parmacotto will celebrate at Summer 2019 Fancy Food Show the launch of his products in the United States market.

Earlier this year, Parmacotto launched their product line to the United States market. Buyers, journalists, and Fancy Food Show attendees will have the opportunity to taste the Parmacotto product line, which will include all cooked and roasted hams, as well as a wide variety of products: from traditional salamis to ready-to-eat cold cuts. Parmacotto's core business and value is in using top quality products that are 100% made in Italy, which is the focus of the United States product launch.

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