Pastavino: Sneak peek at a Staten Island restaurant’s rebranding

Feb 19, 2020 374

BY: Pamela Silvestri

On Sunday afternoon Pastavino’s dining room sprang to life. Its light-filled space and open kitchen at 44 Navy Pier Way has been quiet for about two weeks when its former iteration, a seafood-centric, two-year old Barca, suddenly closed its doors. Yet rather than shut permanently, the operation’s owners, Vic Rallo and Dave Pasternack, decided to rebrand and give it another go. And now, Pastavino’s first day will be Tuesday, Feb. 18 at 5 p.m.

The tenets of this new place under Michelin- and James Beard House-recognized chef Josh Laurano are clear -- simple plates, family-style dining and quality meals with the theme of “affordability.” With these lower price points at Pastavino, appetizers are $15 each while sliced meat and artisanal platters start at $10. Pasta dishes, all made from scratch in the restaurant, are $20 apiece.

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