Prosciutto Bread: A Southern Italian Delicacy That's Made Its Way To NYC

Mar 17, 2023 220

BY: Erica Martinez

There is a lot of really good bread in New York City. The city has a long history of being home to immigrants from around the world, making it a melting pot of cultures, languages, and foods. Wherever you are in the vast metropolis, you are likely just a walking distance away from Jewish bagels and bialys, French baguettes and croissants, German pretzels and Kaiser rolls, and Indian naan and roti.

Because the influx of people who call other countries their homeland is so vast, even breads that would be deemed difficult to find in other cities are often spotted somewhere in the five boroughs. This is true for an Italian specialty called prosciutto bread, or lard bread: a heavy white bread flavored with lard and studded with pieces of prosciutto and salami, often shaped into a ring. While its origins remain largely unclear, it can be deduced that it came from Southern Italian immigrants.

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