Rossella Rago, host of Cooking with Nonna, and Rienzi Foods are Now Partners

Jul 12, 2013 2006

Rossella Rago, the host of the popular webseries Cooking with Nonna, is partnering with Rienzi Foods, a leading producer and distributor of quality Italian foods in the US, to represent Rienzi Foods at the Italian Festivals in Boston, MA and Houston, TX as well perform a series of cooking demonstrations at selected ShopRite Supermarkets in the New York State area and at HEB Supermarkets in Texas.

Rossella Rago: "I'm excited to work with Rienzi as they produce good quality foods and are a great value. More importantly I love the concept: From our Farm to Your Table, as Rienzi grows its products in Basilicata, Italy, packs them and distributes them on the US market at a great price point."

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