At San Marco Ristorante, celebrating the persistence of excellence

Mar 09, 2022 267

BY: Andrew Galarneau

San Marco Ristorante is a restaurant of the rarest breed: a sure thing. If you have ever swooned to the grill-finished sea bass with creamy pesto, toasted pignoli and red peppercorns, you can find that thrill again on Kensington Avenue. Its secret is simple. For three decades, the same three people have welcomed San Marco’s customers, cooked its food and set its standards. No other fine dining restaurant in town can say the same.

Frank Grimaldi, his chef wife, Nancy, and sous chef Linda Kiah are the power trio that figured out how to stay together. When faithful fans come in search of luxurious Italian cooking seasoned with care and grace, they find a tight little combo playing from a setlist they know by heart.

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