When ITA and Federdoc Join Forces: A Toast to Italian Culture Through Wine

Oct 18, 2023 624

When it comes to celebrating Italian culture, few things capture the essence of this country quite like its wines. Italy is renowned for its rich history, diverse landscapes, and the exquisite wines that flow from its vineyards. On a warm fall evening in New York City, the Italian Trade Agency, in collaboration with Federdoc, presented an event that showcased the very best of Italian winemaking.

The masterclass, conducted by Federdoc President Riccardo Ricci Cubastro and writer Susannah Gold, took place at the Alice Restaurant in Manhattan and featured ten distinct Italian wines paired with ten dishes. Federdoc, established in 1979 as the Voluntary Consortia National Confederation for the Protection of the Italian Wines Designations, serves as the guardian of Italy’s wine heritage. 

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SOURCE: https://lavocedinewyork.com

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