To break a world record, Hilton Head is getting ready to make a 1,500-pound meatball

May 25, 2017 650

BY: Hanna Raskin

With mere months remaining before its attempt to produce the biggest meatball the world has ever seen, the Italian-American Club of Hilton Head Island is in the thick of preparations: It’s recruited a chef to perfect seasoning proportions, and started work on an oven large enough to hold the meatball pot.

The only thing the club hasn’t done is alert the Columbus Italian Club of Columbus, Ohio that it’s coming for its six-year-old record on Nov. 18. “Something tells me they wouldn’t be too happy,” organizer Rob Lembo said. Passions run high over half-ton meatballs. Although the idea was first proposed in jest, club members have now spent nearly a year planning the feat, along with a meatball-eating contest; meatball cook-off and meatball-themed footrace scheduled for the same day.

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