Coco's Italian Market honors 55 years of making pizza, with a nod to their past

Oct 01, 2021 364

BY: Chris Davis

Of all the ingredients it takes to make a perfect pizza, time might be the most crucial. It's been over time, that the Cinelli family has gotten the recipe just right. "My mom - she’s been making pizzas since she was 18 years old, so if you want to do the math," said Chuck Cinelli, owner of Coco's Italian Market. "Don’t do the math," interjected his mother Joan.

But then came the pandemic, and the Cinelli family worried Coco's Italian Market's run in Nashville might be in jeopardy. "It’s been a tough couple of years with the coronavirus and the restaurant business," said Chuck. But the orders kept coming and their lights stayed on. So the family decided, it was time to return the favor. "We’re selling pizzas for 55 cents a slice," said Chuck.

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