Gio’s Pastry Shop: An Edible Trip To Italy Is Just Around The Corner in Fountain Inn, SC

May 27, 2021 406

BY: Melanie Coblentz

Most adults have enjoyed cannoli in their life, but have you ever had a sfogliatelle? Fan’s of The Food Network’s Cake Boss might be familiar with its cousin, Aragosta. The “Lobster Tails” bakers on the show were always racing around to make tons of. Being able to find either regularly was nearly impossible until recently. Gio’s Pastry shop is like a wonderland for those used to the northern states’ pink bakery boxes.

Italian Rainbow cookies, sometimes called Neapolitans, Venetians, or Tri-color cookies, are often associated with fond childhood memories. Sure, occasionally, you can find them in a grocery store prepackaged, factory-made, and usually falling short. Those who have never tried them are delicious little bites of almond-flavored cake, layered with seedless raspberry jam and enrobed in chocolate. Sounds amazing, right?

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