Grappino to Host Berlucchi Wine Dinner

Jun 16, 2022 110

BY: Mark Spivak

Grappino, the groundbreaking Italian restaurant owned by Fabrizio and Ingrid Aielli, will be hosting a wine dinner featuring the Berlucchi Winery on June 23, at 6:30 p.m. Berlucchi is an icon in the world of Italian wine, a pioneer of the classical method in Franciacorta, whose passion gave rise to the very first Franciacorta release in 1961. This exclusive winery is the winner of the Gambero Rosso 2022 Winery of the Year.

“Leonardo Mocetti, the Berlucchi International Manager, will present the wines that make Berlucchi a unique player in the field of sparkling wine. They capture both the luxury and glamour of the festive bubbles while innovating to the Italian standards of excellence,” says Liset Zelaya, Aielli Restaurant Group’s Sommelier.

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