IL Mercato features homemade lasagnas that come from Italian family traditions

Sep 07, 2022 277

BY: Mariella Oliva and Isabel Papp

If you frequent the Saturday Key Biscayne Farmers Market, you may have been drawn to the delicious smell of fresh baked lasagna, a quintessential comfort food. What’s not to like? Pasta sheets layered with a variety of sauce and meats, then perfectly baked so that each bite tastes better than the last.

In the case of the Il Mercato lasagna, there is also plenty of family love added to the mix. The company is owned and operated by the husband/wife duo, Nelson Jimenez and Maria Carolina Jaso, both hailing from Caracas, Venezuela. Jimenez and Jaso recently sat with Islander News and revealed that their connection with lasagna didn’t start with the Farmers Market.

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