LaMotta’s brings New York pizza to you

Dec 07, 2019 357

BY: Nathan Mayberg

There is a shirt for sale at LaMotta's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria on San Carlos Boulevard imploring you not to go to New York for pizza, to head to LaMotta's. Their New York style pizza has been a cornerstone for 40 years in Fort Myers and though it is not on the Beach, it feels like the last stop as you leave San Carlos Island with signs directing you to there.

For boxing fans of a certain time and movie lovers familiar with the Oscar-nominated movie "Raging Bull," the name LaMotta's will immediately ring a bell as it is the surname of the late Jake LaMotta, one of the greatest middleweight fighters. Otherwise known as The Bronx Bull, he was the first boxer to defeat Sugar Ray Robinson, one of the greatest pound-for-pound boxers in history.

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