Luxurious Italian dining at Yolan so welcome in year like this

Jan 04, 2021 159

BY: Nancy Vienneau

In a dark, tumultuous year for Nashville restaurants, the opening of Yolan inside luxury hotel The Joseph has been one of the shining lights. It is a masterstroke of Tony and Cathy Mantuano, who have long been leaders in shaping the way we dine. Tony is a Michelin-starred and James Beard award-winning chef; Cathy is a virtuoso on wines and their pairings.

Beginning in 1984, the couple introduced Americans to the art of fine Italian dining at Spiaggia in Chicago. In coming to Nashville, they bring a lifetime of passion, curiosity and dedication to their craft. Guiding all of their actions is their principle of hospitality: warm, informed, and lavish care of each guest. You feel that, from the moment you are welcomed at the reception until you sip the last of your espresso. 

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