Pomodoro Grill, Vero Beach “Una Vera Tradizione Familiare Italiana”

Apr 26, 2019 381

BY: Brian LaPersonerie

Italian food as we know it, has roots that can be traced as far back as the 4th-century bc. The tomato or “Pomodoro” in Italian, was not commonly used until the late 18th century. Which means Italian cuisine existed for about 2000 years before they even developed tomato sauce. That… is a tragedy.

Being influenced by many neighboring cultures like Greek, Arab, Germanic, French and Austrian, can explain its abundance of tastes, styles and its influence on many other cuisines. Italian food is one of the most popular and copied cuisines in the world. Its most significant impact was on the United States and what is now American food.

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SOURCE: https://www.sebastiandaily.com

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