The Quest for Authentic Pizza Margherita in South Carolina

Sep 16, 2020 233

Two years ago, I made the very bold move to leave everything I've ever known in New York – my family, friends, and of course, good quality pizza – to move down south. Since landing in Columbia, South Carolina, I had yet to find the perfect wood-fired margherita, the kind of pizza that reminds me of home.

The Americanized version of Neapolitan style pizza that aspires to the flavors and texture of the Italian original. The beautifully airy pockets of crust with a delightful crunch carefully baked and topped with a light, fresh tomato sauce, fresh herbs, and mozzarella. The type of pizza you find in NYC at Lombardi's, Trattoria Zero Otto NoveKestéBrunetti's, or Ribalta (just to name a few). 

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